sobota, 15 maja 2010

   The philosophy in our life, followed by meditation has been guiding me and my husband for several years, even before Satya and Sanatan were born. It is quite a long period of time to see what actually the philosophy is, get some experience and feel the effect in daily life. It is not something we do on the side, like a hobby, or a mandatory activity done once a week. We try to act according to this philosophy in everything we do. And because it just perfectly suits to our needs (they are the needs of every spirit soul), it was natural that the kids joined us too :-)
   This way of life applies to the simplest aspects found in everyday situations, everyday relationships and everyday life. It teaches the proper behavior towards others, respect for the other person, tolerance and acceptance of everything that is given to us. In other words, we follow the saying : “See the best in the worst”, and we try to utilize what we have and what comes to us as best as we can, so that it helps us in coming close to our goal.
   As you could already realize, our goal is to get to know and love God. It seems quite easy when someone may look at it for the first time, because we’ve heard many times: Yes! I love God! But usually they are just empty words, which have no actual meaning in practical life, because to love means to think about the beloved person, care about them, follow their will etc.
   This world is a world where spirit souls can live not disturbed by God. And you can easily see that God simply isn’t in this world. Well, you’ll sure not see Him round the corner. This is the world for those, who have other interests like: sense gratification, economic development, so called religious life or salvation.
   So we just live here, and die, get born and die again. And only sometimes one may ask themselves questions like: What is this all for? What is the purpose of all this? Why do I have to suffer, get old and die?
   We also asked such questions ourselves, and we began to look for the answers, because, forgive us, we weren’t satisfied with answers like: It is not a human thing to penetrate the mysteries of God, etc. Although the topic seemed to be so hard to attain – we found the answers to all and many other questions very soon.
And that’s how we became “philosophers” :-)